Overcoming Criticism. Sometimes in our lives, every Christian, as well
as anyone else has to deal with criticism. You may feel as
though you are a dartboard at times and everyone is taking
turns throwing trying to hit the bullseye.

Why is it that some people feel the need to criticize?

Well… Many people criticize because they feel a loss of control.
They would rather do a job wrong than to do it someone else’s way.
Doing it someone else’s way makes them feel more out of control
because they had to deal with the fact that someone else feels the
need to control them. So needless to say, if they do it their own
way it makes them “feel” like they are in control.

At the same time there are people that feel lousy about themselves
and somehow it makes them feel better to take others down a notch.
Some will go to the extreme to literally destroy the lives of others
and their reputations.

Many times people get pushed into a corner and they can’t seem to
find a way out. Even when no one is around, they are still stuck
in that corner.

In Neh:4, we read that Nehamiah has taken on the task of
rebuilding the wall of Jerusalem. When Sanballet heard this, he
immediately began criticizing. “Tobiah the Ammonite, who was at
his side, said, “What they are building–if even a fox climbed up
on it, he would break down their wall of stones!” (NEH 4:3)

How do you feel when you are criticized? Sad? Mad? Hurt? Depressed?
Betrayed? Not everyone feels the same way. More than that, how do
you respond? With Rage? Destructive Words? Violence?

Proverbs 15:1 says, “A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a
harsh word stirs up anger.” How you respond to criticism tells
more about you than the critic. Please consider the possible
influences that could be causing their behavior and remember
that they are the ones with the problem and it’s NOT you that
has to carry it around. It is your choice if you want to carry
it around…BUT it will make you miserable.

Unless you own your own business, you probably have had to deal
with bosses at your job. While a lot of places try to be fair and
reasonable, other places seem to relish in ridicule and criticism
and harmful gossip.

Have you ever considered why?

Perhaps they are feeling pressure from their own boss. Or maybe their
personal life behind closed doors is falling apart. Many times, the
pursuit of wanting promotions so badly that it overcomes them and
they allows Satan to influence their behavior.

It is possible that they need your prayers instead of your anger.
NO they definitely need your prayer! Whether you like them or get
along with them or not. At the very least, you can help defuse a
situation with a gentle answer instead of harsh words.

But what if the roles are reversed? Instead of being criticized,
many of us become the critic, often without even realizing it.

In Matthew 27, when Jesus was brought before Pilate for judgment,
he washed his hands of the responsibility because he found no
evidence to convict Jesus (Matt 27:24). Yet Jesus was crucified
anyway based on hearsay and false testimony.

Every human is a creation of God and deserves to be treated
fairly. But life in this world will never be fair. The world is
full of sin and nothing will be completely right until we are with
Christ in Heaven.

Before you spread that rumor criticizing someone, because they’ve
treated you badly, remember the facts first. There is some reason
they act the way they do and it’s not your problem to be burdened by
it. They are probably more miserable than how they made you feel.
Don’t let your feelings rule your life. We become what we think so
stay positive and focus on the good.

Dealing with criticism is a two way street. Do not get caught
going the wrong way.

Most of all Trust God that HE will bring you through it and that
he has plans for you as well as the ones that are doing the most evil.
Pray that they will find true joy so that their lives will change.
They may never change – BUT you can feel good about doing what is right…
and you should feel good about that!